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Benchcraft: An Ashley Line of Home Decor You’ll Always Appreciate

Benchcraft, as its name suggests, implies a philosophy of excellence. Incorporated into Ashley Furniture, this distinguished branch of home decor exemplifies everything that customers want in their furnishings. Rigorously tested, and intelligently constructed from the sturdiest materials, all of Benchcraft’s creations are a testament to the skills and dedication of its designers. When homeowners shop for this Ashley classic, it’s because they want style paired with durability, at a price that few other brands can best.

Sink into a Smooth Leather Sectional Sofa or Loveseat

When you decorate with Benchcraft in your living room, it’s all about embracing your sense of style. Why settle for mediocre if you have the height of contemporary fashion at your fingertips: plush boxed sectional sofas and matching ottomans? Whether you prefer the feel of cool leather or the look of stitched details, Benchcraft extends you all the options you could want, in a range of colors like charming charcoal and roasted mocha. Stretch your arms and legs, and simply sit in peace at a reclining loveseat designed to be the ultimate piece of upholstery.

Synchronize Your Bedroom Decor with Benchcraft

Personalize your bedroom in the process, and be all the happier for it. Benchcraft can perform a feat of interior decorating, regardless of who you are or how large your bed may be. When you synchronize the decor of your bedroom dresser and nightstand, you’ll be amazed by how much cooler and more personal your space feels. While you can upgrade your mattress whenever you want, Benchcraft can revolutionize how you sleep through a stylish panel bed and headboard.

Host the Holidays at a Dining Room Table Ready for Anyone

You know the drill come the holidays: your friends and family will want to gather again. But what if you were to host everyone this year? Imagine it: an extension dining room table prepared for any plus-ones! Although you may scoff, your dining experience will never be the same after your purchase of a Benchcraft dining room server—ideal for unloading and serving dishes without all the hustle and bustle back and forth into the kitchen. In many respects, Benchcraft is the perfect complement to any dining room, with its selection of upholstered side chairs and benches.

Stroll into Brothers Fine Furniture, located off Woodland Avenue in Philadelphia, PA, to view all this excellence for yourself, first-hand.

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