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Get Serta Mattresses for Sound Sleep at a Bargain!

There’s a reason Serta mattresses are among America’s best known sleep brands. The manufacturers and researchers there keep pushing the envelope, perfecting the trusty mattress so even the lowest price point affords you relaxing deep sleep every night for all years of its service life. And if you have a little more to spend, don’t forget to check out the advanced Serta mattresses offering you a plush “ride” so you’ll wake up renewed and ready to go, every morning! And at the prices we’re offering at Brothers Fine Furniture for these lab-proven sleep solutions, the only thing you can’t afford is missing out on these awesome deals!

Improved Serta Innerspring Mattress on a Budget

When you shop Serta innerspring mattresses at Brothers you get the benefit of perfected coil technology. Perfectly calibrated, these steel wonders keep your sleeping body perfectly supported. One of our most popular Serta collections is rightly named Perfect Sleeper! With these entry-level spring mattresses, sleepless nights will be a thing of the past. Good thing, because the doctors say you need 7 to 9 hours of real sleep, in which you dream, to stay healthy! Our Serta innerspring mattresses come in all sizes including Philly’s favorite, queen.

Ultra-Advanced Serta iComfort Mattresses

If ordinary beds have disappointed you, then the next level of comfort, Serta iComfort mattresses, are here to serve you at last! First, a firm foam core does these mattresses’ heavy lifting, taking over your body’s support from tired muscles. This is luxuriously wrapped in layers of support foam. Meanwhile, the best kind of spring, hundreds of pocketed coils, take care of needed firmness nearer to the top. A layer of responsive memory foam shapes itself EXACTLY to your body’s contours plus it wicks away heat and moisture! This Serta-patented sleep system in the iComfort mattress is the answer to many common sleep problems. You can add to this relaxation with a cool Serta adjustable bed base.

Upgrade to a fine Serta mattress NOW at our Philadelphia, PA discount furniture store. We keep a small building so we can pass on the super savings to YOU!

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